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Reach Audiences Across All Devices & Formats

Adelphic’s enterprise-ready programmatic software helps agencies, brands and other large media buyers engage with consumers across all devices and formats like Mobile, Desktop, TV, Digital Out-of-Home, Audio and more.

Our intuitive platform is built to make our customers' lives easier. Within one interface, you can plan, execute and measure your campaigns through a self-service portal, or with the help of our award-winning professional services team.

Learn about how we leverage our proprietary machine learning technology to drive scale, viewability and ROI for our clients.

  • Platform
    Our enterprise self-service platform enables marketers to plan, execute and measure their media campaigns without sacrificing data transparency and scale. Leveraging Viant’s people-based device graph powered by our first-party data, marketers can reach their targeted audiences across channels – including Mobile, Desktop, TV, Digital Out-of-Home, Audio and more.
  • Pricing
    Adelphic Subscription is breaking the mold and unlocking true customer value to scaled spending. Gone are the days of percent-of-spend pricing where there are zero scale economies. For $3,000 a month, you can buy unlimited media and save up to 80% on your DSP fees.
  • Programmatic Trader Portal
    Adelphic is the only enterprise DSP built with traders in mind. Our easy-to-use interface, omnichannel inventory integrations, native reporting and forecasting tools and machine learning algorithms are all built directly within the platform for seamless campaign execution and optimization. Read more about how Adelphic makes programmatic traders' lives easier.

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